Africa Series: Discover TAIBOBACAR,
the Mozambican Womenswear Brand

As a Mozambican designer, Taibo Bacar describes his leading brand as, “the essence of every woman’s character”. Hailing from Mozambique the determined, delicate and classic brand, TAIBOBACAR, was created in 2008 in South East Africa. Focusing on fusing the nuances of practical ready-to-wear and the intricacies of high fashion, TAIBOBACAR brings a celebration of cutting-edge aesthetic to the silhouette of the feminine body. In his latest collection, he brings you a royal line inspired by the culture and people of Mozambique. Reminiscent of woodcarvings indigenous to the region, these designs feature fringed crepe lace trimming and ornate patterning, exemplifying the designer’s select cutting techniques and rich authentic materials. Take a look into a brand that is envied, respected and adored… TAIBOBACAR.


Majestic in style and royal in appeal, the TAIBOBACAR Blue Pattern Midi Dress brings a fusion of fleur and flora to this patterned dress. Emphasizing the silhouette of the feminine body, this design utilizes a delicate embroidered trimming to accentuate the waist with a centered detailed lacing. Cut from fine crepe, the midi dress gives an ode to French contemporary fashion and features a high boat neck, cinched waist, and quarter-length layered bustle-trimmed sleeves. Created in Mozambique, the structured fabric offers the perfect tailored finish for a spirited imperial flair.


The quest for the fine line between regal and sensuality is over. Bringing a vibrant contrast to meek ready-to-wear ensembles, TAIBOBACAR unveils a collection of accentuated femininity and cultural revel. Detailed with embroidered layered fringe trimming, the boat neck Red Lace Top features a diamond cut woven pattern with a sheer finish and brass bead garnishing. It’s long sleeves with bustled cuffs and a fitted jersey lace bodice makes for a timeless option for daywear.

Made in Mozambique, the blouse pairs well with its matching Red Brocade Pencil Skirt. Also featuring a layered fringe detailing, the Brocade Pencil Skirt is structured in aesthetic and style. Made from rich brocade jacquard lace, the tailored pencil skirt holds it shape continuously throughout the design. Inspired by the people of Mozambique, the TAIBOBACAR brand tells a story way beyond the safari’s of Africa to any runway in the world.

Soft and uber-reflective of femininity, the TAIBOBACAR Silk Georgette Blouse brings a breath of fresh air to runways near and far. Made of silk georgette fabric doused in a relishing print, the lightweight blouse takes a dive into the revival Renaissance trend that we see around today. Designed and made in Africa, the blouse features a pleated trimmed short collar and long sleeves, delicately detailed with red velvet strings – perfect for any airy day or night look.

For the days of ease and style, grace yourself with the TAIBOBACAR’s Yellow Lace Top. Inspired by the designer’s home country of Mozambique, the blouse features an embroidered crew neck trimmed with fringed ruffles and brass beading. Appealing in aesthetic and design, the jersey lace top is sheer with diamond cut weft patterning and tailored to accentuate every woman’s essence. Grace the wild with something new.

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