Hardcore gamers are ever so willing to dish out a bit of extra bucks on the Limited or Special Edition versions of games they crave. Often times the offerings in these editions allow us to profess our undying love to the masses in more common or even fantastical ways. Fandom is a precious thing and our beloved developers of triple A titles know this! As a result, let’s take a Geekswagg look at some anticipated titles and what we wish were in a special or limited edition offering of the game.

State Of Decay 2

Undead Labs provided the gaming world with a unique action strategy take on the zombie apocalypse that was deserving of much more praise than it received. Honestly, when you think on it, providing special geek loot for a zombie game is a bit hard to do. Here’s what we wish could be in loot filled package:

  • Official Soundtrack – Gaming legend Jesper Kyd provided the soundtrack for the first game and it was the perfect sidekick to an enjoyable game. Including a soundtrack for the sequel (which hopefully is Kyd composed again) would be a perfect offering.
  • Apparel with the Logo – You’ve to to admit that the State of Decay logo is kind of creative. The eagle spreading its wings enough to look like a play on a skull is brilliant. A T-shirt, hat, or weathered leather jacket would be classic (this is a FANTASY wish list after all!)
  • Parody themed digital heroes – The Breakdown mode of the first game introduced special heroes that could be found and added to your survivor roster. Special parody characters of zombie and horror movies could be added. How about a Lt. Ripley, an Alice (Resident Evil Movies), Gecko brothers (From Dusk till Dawn), or Tallahassee from Zombieland would be perfect parody characters to add (if not added already)
  • A zombie survival kit – complete with camping gear styled loot, this kit could have a backpack, a hatchet or machete, first aid kit, gourmet jerky, and a water filter would be just what a hardcore fan needs to brave a gaming or comic convention!

Destiny 2

There is no secret that I was not too thrilled with the early version of Destiny so please excuse me if this offering is a bit half hearted. With that said, I’m still optimistic that this game will deliver given the talk of the DLC improvements as well as this new game. I’ve preordered it in hopes of not missing out on the early fun, so here we go!

  • Hooded Cape – One of the most iconic looks for Destiny characters is the cape and various other symbols that the capes can have. Point blank this is probably the most identifiable part of the game this side of a gun replica
  • Gun Replica – Yup. This one is elementary. They should certainly include a cosplay styled signature pistol. Go all out and include lights and sounds and you’ve a spectacular winner
  • Custom Controller – Having a controller with signature graphics or even a unique design would make for an ill offering!

NBA 2K18

2K Sports (as do most other sports games) always has a cover athlete to feature on the cover. Most times they will do multiple special edition covers to highlight additional cover athletes. This year features Kyrie Irving on the standard edition and Shaquille O’Neal on the special editions. This is a perfect opportunity to feature some great Shaq and B-ball themed loot! Of course you’ll see Virtual Currency, special MyTeam player cards, and other digital goodies. Let’s see what we’d REALLY like to see!

  • NBA apparel – This would seem to be an easy layup for a special edition. Why can’t 2K sports or other developers make a deal to get one jersey voucher from the NBA store? Jerseys are the number one way to rep your favorite team or player. At the very least, there could be a voucher for a T-shirt or jacket
  • Special Locker container or backpack- the NBA2k10 special edition added a custom little locker sized perfectly to hold a number of game cases within. It seemed nice at the time but they definitely could have added graphics or something of that sort in order to spruce the little locker up a bit. Special editions are notorious for providing hardcore fans with something great to bundle all the nice loot in it and a backpack (with an external net that could hold a basketball maybe?) would be a perfect way to gift wrap it all!
  • Custom Digital MyPlayer builds – Sure, everyone can jump into MyPlayer, input their own face, and go to town in the Park or ProAm. How about going all out and providing parody players from pop culture to play as? (starting to see a theme here?) Look, everyone had  a blast in NBA Jam days adding weird characters (former presidents, musicians, etc) to the court and playing them against current NBA stars. How about movie characters, rappers, and other celebs? Who wouldn’t want to play as Kevin Hart, Bill Murray, Prince, Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, or Sanaa Lathan from Love & Basketball?!

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was a fantastic game that highlighted the impressive Nemesis System for all to see and experience. Shadow of War looks to take things to a new level so a special edition should do the same

  • Replica sword or dagger – The Lord of the Rings mythos has a treasure trove of companies that made replicas of the many weapons in the movies. This game has its own mythical weapons in Urfael (the sword) and Acharn (the dagger). Let’s get to it and get some replicas made (metallic is preferable but cosplay fans would be happy with a quality foam or plastic equivalent)
  • Official Soundtrack – Again, the addition of soundtracks should be elementary at this point. Gary Schyman earned a BAFTA nomination for his work on Shadow of Mordor. The score went perfectly with our orc slaying expeditions!
  • Digital Heroes – This version of the Nemesis system has all kinds of goodies that we’ve yet to fully understand. One thing for certain is that you’ll be building your own digital army of orcs, trolls, and more in a Metal Gear Solid V style personnel loot fest. What better way to nudge that loot desire than to add more generals and lieutenants voiced by well known actors and actresses? How about getting some Game of Thrones or previous Tolkein movie cast members to contribute? Maybe we could even get some heroes that aren’t of Mordor to lead your hordes!

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars has huge universe full of characters, gear, and starships that could easily be made into great geek loot for the game. In the deluxe and elite trooper versions, there are a host of digital goodies that come off more as exclusive game loot than anything. Here’s a look at what would be perfect in the physical world!

  • Stormtrooper helmet w/ working com! – Ok. I know. This would be really expensive but why not?! Maybe this has been done in some way, shape, form, or fashion but it would get people jazzed about getting the expensive version of the game!
  • Replica lightsabers with FX – places like ultrasabers.com make superb lightsabers that make the sound effects and light up as you swing them. Come on now! The iconic weapon of the Star Wars universe should be an item of some sort as loot for the game!
  • Special non-hero character skins – Players love to customize the look of their multiplayer characters. How about giving out skins of special elite troopers in the game? The bodyguards of the Emperor. Rogue squadron pilot suits or ship graphics. I’m certain there are plenty of others. Gotta add some special voices as well though!
  • A mechanized case – The Jedi Path Vault Edition book came with a superb case that had sound effects, lights, and a mechanized opening sequence that really made it a fun collectors item. It is very surprising a game hasn’t done the same thing in a way.