You’re probably familiar with Heed favorite, ALVESTER MARTIN, through Vivica’s Black Magic, WE tv’s Tamar and Vince or as a featured dancer for real-life music divas RiRi (Rihanna), Mimi (Mariah Carey), JLo (Jennifer Lopez) and the Queen Bey herself (Beyonce). [Pause] You know you’re not a real ‘diva’ until you have a nickname which proceeds your stage name. [Resume] Aside from his killer moves and undeniable sex appeal, Alvester has been making a name for himself as a accomplished singer/songwriter, yielding his personal blend of ‘real’ R&B with a host of other musical influences which properly spell out his position on ‘life’. Alvester’s new album-mixtape, Love Me or Leave Me, gives listeners a healthy dose of his unapologetic message, with power ballads, sultry love songs and hard-hitting, pop-infused, radio-ready tracks. This album is the pre-cursor to another rumored full-length project slated for an early 2018 release.
If you’re a part of the “singles only please” crew, here are 4 tracks you MUST take heed to on Alvester’s album:
  1.  I’m On – I mean this guy comes ‘out of the gate’ with a ‘f*** you read’ to all of those who’ve judged him. How can you judge someone who you don’t truly know? Uhm yeah…we can relate.
  2. Ain’t Gonna Wait – This song is great if you’re in that “it’s complicated” status of your relationship and need a quick resolve. We love the traces of ‘Trey Songz’ in the vocal phrasing and arrangements. Check it out and you’ll see what we mean.
  3. Happily Never After – Okay, there’s a lot of angry moments in this project [laughs], but sometimes you just need to belt it out. This track does just that on a alternative rock tip delivering a hands-down unique sound which pushes the boundaries on the overall range of this burgeoning artist.
  4. H.O.T. ft. Reek I’van – Here’s that slow-dance opportunity you were waiting for right before the party came to an end. This track is just smooth.
Alvester’s  Love Me or Leave Me debuts Wednesday, October 18th on all music streaming platforms for FREE!
About Alvester Martin

“We are all flawed,” retorted ALV3STER, who is keenly aware of his “Bad-Boy” image. “The only way we get better is to recognize our flaws, be ‘okay’ with them, and be ‘okay’ with improving them. At the end of the day, it’s about calling your own self out.”

Having just finished recording his introspective Debut Album, ‘Love Me Or Leave Me’, ALV3STER cites his personal experiences, as motivating him to leave the “security” of dancing, and focus on his music.

“[This project is] a reflective journey of self-discovery,” ALV3STER says, who was also cast in the 2017 Lifetime series Black Magic with Vivica Fox. “One of the main messages [of my album] is self-acceptance regardless of the flaws and imperfections, and definitely despite how others may feel or view you.”

A Miami, FL native born February 16, 1988, ALV3STER was reared by his paternal-grandparents, who instilled discipline and encouraged his precocious love of the arts.

Following a few years of technical training, ALV3STER and his grandparents realized that his talents would be the key to him surviving the rough streets of Miami-Dade County. From the Baptist Church Choir to the Middle School Band, they cultivated a skill-set that thrived on hard work and a love of self-expression. Ultimately, his artistic passions led ALV3STER to Miami’s prestigious New World School of the Arts High School.

A continual theme of his talents screaming so loudly, that at the age of 15- ALV3STER was awarded a full scholarship to the School of American Ballet, the official school of the New York City Ballet Company. And upon graduation, ALV3STER went on to garner principle roles with several major ballet companies around the globe.

But it was the music that was calling him, and would eventually pull him out west. In 2005, ALV3STER officially relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of a full-time music career. A chance audition, a few weeks later would forever change his life. After being handpicked Beyoncé, and the superstar’s team, to join the 2005 Destiny Fulfilled Promo and World Tour, a storied career in Dance and Film was now well under way.

He would tour with iconic acts, such as, Mariah Carey and Rihanna, as well as household names of Tamar Braxton and Jennifer Lopez. ALV3STER’s film credits include box-office hits such as Stomp the Yard (2007) and Footloose (2011). At 6’1” 205 Lbs. his chiseled jaw-line and Adonis good looks have been enlisted by some of the world’s most successful brands (i.e. Visa, Target, Pepsi, Hummer and H&M).

Coincidentally, in 2012, ALV3STER’s musical career got an unexpected jump-start when he was cast as the lead vocalist in the Michael Jackson Tribute production: ‘Man in the Mirror’, which toured the U.S., Lebanon, France and Amman extensively.

As the cosmos would have it, ALV3STER concluded his storied dance career right where it began… with Beyoncé. He served as her featured Dance Partner during the Icons epic 2014 VMA ‘Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award’ performance. Serendipitously, that same year- ALV3STER would star as the male lead in his childhood idol- Michael Jackson’s posthumous music video “A Place with No Name”.

Having valiantly served the greats, this talent is now poised to serve the music of his soul. #LMorLM