The new year is upon us and it is time for some digital reflection! A lot of games have been bought, binged, beat, and bragged upon and here are the top 5 games that Geekswagg has played in 2017.

NBA 2K17

As usual, 2K has become a staple in the annual listing of games to play. In part, this pick is due to my intense love of the NBA. As a simulation, even with the improvement of NBA Live as an all around game, 2K17 still is the more complete package with tons of options, modes, features, and advanced controls that will keep me busy until the next season. The MyTeam mode has a lot more challenges, modes, and ways to earn contracts, shoes, points, and players along with its controversial theme pack offerings almost every week. MyPlayer or MyCareer mode offers the all new Neighborhood and Road to 99 feature which makes earning points and badges a bit more streamlined. Of course, all of the other modes are great as usual but the first two mentioned are certainly the most popular.

With that said, it still manages to frustrate casual and hardcore fans with a questionable player card pack (aka loot box) system. People can spend hundreds of dollars on one theme and still get lots of duplicate players or even no players from the theme they bought. Toss in the high cost of the packs and you have a casual player’s nightmare if they are trying to get some of the high level players featured in these packs.

On the bright side, their face scan for MyPlayer mode worked well!



Imagine if you paired Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare with Minecraft and you have a unique shooter that does loot, loot boxes, exploration, and fun well. Soon to be a free to play game, Fortnite is a great third person shooter to play with friends and even strangers. There’s nothing like hopping in a quick co-op online game and searching the map for resources and objectives before building up defenses for a horde mode style blast of animated zombies and monsters. Then, when you’re done, there’s a host of new characters to play as, ways to upgrade them and the traps and weapons that you can wield!

By jumping on the bandwagon of games like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and others, their Battle Royale mode has featured a 50 v 50 mode and the promise of more limited time modes to spice things up a bit.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Since I do not have a Nintendo Switch, playing the new Zelda game was not an option. With all of its impressive reviews, it most certainly could have made this list. Instead, Horizon Zero Dawn was a perfect alternative adventure for Playstation 4 owners that certainly can’t be missed!

There is nothing like roaming the robotic dinosaur tundra to encounter and destroy all manner of tribesmen and Dinobots with various slings, bows, and tripwires. While it sounds ridiculous to say that you can take on a robotic T-Rex with a few different bows and a sling, it totally works with the elemental tech that is featured. Couple that with a great open world, a compelling adventure, and memorable characters and you have one of the best new IP’s in a number of years!


For Honor

Fighting games have gotten a bit stale over the years so the appearance of a game like For Honor was a breath of blood stained air. With a sensible combat system coupled with a decent combo and special attack system, For Honor can yield some of the most entertaining duels and sword fights to be seen on a video game screen in quite some time. Parries, dodges, blocks, feints, and blows look gorgeous and feel great in this amazing PvP brawler.

Learning each of the different characters is fun and then customizing them with found and upgraded loot is an excellent way to keep casual players coming back for more. As time has gone along, their expansions have added new characters to learn to fight against and with. Timing and teamwork are key and the moments when one fighter takes on and bests 2 or 3 other fighters is both possible and amazing. Here’s to hoping they can continue to find ways to keep up the competition and bring in more fighters to the battlefield at once!


Darkest Dungeon

While not released in 2017, Darkest Dungeon did captivate me unlike any other game played this year. As a traditional RPG, this turn based dungeon crawler mixes my love of XCOM’s permanent death and randomly generated characters, with imaginative enemies and old school explore and slay adventuring. The result is a truly difficult yet rewarding game that has a new school twist to it.

Adventuring in a dungeon apparently is taxing on an adventurers sanity as this game introduces personality and mental stability as a game feature to deal with as well. If your character is mentally stressed too much from adventuring for too long, they could have a heart attack or develop debilitating mental disorders like fear of the dark, becoming verbally abusive of teammates, or berserker rage! This new element makes you feel like you have limited control over your adventurers whom you eventually grow attached to as they survive mission after mission. Botch an adventure and you could lose so much without even ‘losing the game’. This game’s take on an old genre is innovative and should become a blueprint for more games within and outside the RPG genre!


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