Mercenary Kings first wow’d side scrolling shooter fans on PC and PS4 and publisher Tribute Games is set to bring it’s 16bit sublime-ness to all of current gen with its Reloaded version. On February 6th, gamers on the Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and Xbox One will be able to finally enjoy the mayhem and bullet mania that has run and gun fans more than satisfied.

The crafting element to this shooter-RPG hybrid is what separates it from the pack. With clear inspirations from Contra and Mega Man, Mercenary Kings certainly settles into a nostalgic sweet spot that is hard to ignore. With Reloaded, Tribute Games has improved upon that component with even more content. This includes more gun parts and more knives to further diversify your attack on the evil CLAW organization!

But that’s not all…

Reloaded also adds two new characters,  a new mission that puts you in the driver’s seat of a mech, and other minor gameplay changes that totally magnify the massacre meter! Here’s a quick look at the characters added:

  • Frigg is a resistance fighter who has joined the Mercenary Kings to fight the forces of CLAW. No matter which weapon she carries, Frigg can jump faster than any other Kings thanks to her Olympic training!

  • C-Zar is a friendly automaton built by the Kings’ communication expert Miss Zero. His state-of-the-art feet thrusters allow him to slow down his falls so he can get a strategic drop on CLAW troops!

Along with the expanded console release, Tribute games is planning on a limited physical edition run through Limited Run Games in the near future.