Heed is made up of a bunch of ethnically diverse, eccentric, intelligent, trendsetting and outspoken riff-raffs from all four corners of the country, who felt it necessary to voice the truth behind pop culture. Heed doesn’t aspire to anything so lofty as being the antidote for sensationalism. What we’d like to see ourselves as is part of a new wave that’s been a long time in coming. Heed’s distinct difference is our positive and socially conscious perspective.

Our aim is to rewrite mainstream pop-culture emphasizing positivity, creativity and actual substance. How? We have the unique giftedness to create a platform where both popular and unknown creatives, who offer a level of depth, are equally represented. We create content where stars are honored and up-and-comers are lauded. We are the voice of an emerging subculture. This publication was born out of a need seen lacking in today’s society. While we don’t knock the “awesomeness” of going goo goo over Gaga, we believe our generation has more to contribute to society aside from that of a melodic poker-face.




Heed’s audience is acquired through the targeted distribution of bi-monthly issues within urban markets, live events hosted by the magazine, brand awareness at trade events specific to our core demographic and through partnership with existing brands that cater directly to a similar audience. Readers engage with Heed for its distinctive voice and adherence to a morally mindful consumerbase. They are heavy consumers of music, pop culture, fashion, video games, video, photo sets, special features and socially integrated content.

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